Friday, August 5, 2011


The Brooklyn Paper is now publishing its stylized version of a police blotter for the 72nd Precinct. The precinct covers the neighborhoods of Sunset Park, Windsor Terrace, Greenwood Heights, and Stable Brooklyn.

This week's blotter reports damage to parked cars and the theft of some items from a car. It doesn't report any incidents of murder, rape, robbery, felonious assault, burglary, grand larceny, or grand larceny assault. The absence of these crimes would be wonderful news, if true. However, since we've never seen a week in which one or more of these crimes isn't committed, we called the precinct to ask if the blotter is complete. It isn't.

The CompStat report of crime statistics for the precinct is posted on Mondays, a week after the closing date of the report. The report currently posted is for the week of July 18th through July 24th, a week prior to the week covered by The Brooklyn Paper.

Map showing the precinct's boundaries:

Commanding Officer: Deputy Inspector Jesus R. Pintos
Address: 830 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11232
Phone number: (718) 965-6311