Saturday, May 21, 2011


A recommendation for an electronics repairperson:
Hi Neighbors,

Never run with a video camera. I learned the lesson the hard way during my last vacation.

I wanted to see if someone could fix my screen (unlikely) or at least get the data off of the camera. I thought this might be tricky since the camera used the touch screen as the primary navigation tool.

Thankfully, my friend Amara's husband, Zaheer Habib, is a self-taught electronics genius. Parts were difficult to procure, so he couldn't fix the screen, but he got the data off of it (all of my vacation memories!) in record time. And it was much less expensive than going to a repair shop.

Zaheer Habib can repair PC's (hardware and software), iPhones (He can jailbreak and unlock them as well as change screens, LCD's, and casings. He can also troubleshoot software issues.) and most electronic devices and appliances. He even fixed my friend's food processor.

If you give him an electronic device, it is most likely he can repair it. He doesn't have formal training, but he has an eye for electronic repair. He also accepts donations of certain devices that he can use for parts for his own projects. Pricing is reasonable and depends on the repair needed (cost of parts+labor).

English is his second language, so his wife whose first language is English usually does all the talking so he is better able to understand the nature of the repair. They can be reached at 347-666-9577.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am for Zaheer's help.  The turnaround was quick and the price very affordable. 

Do yourself a favor and give Zaheer a call next time something breaks on you or you break on it.