Monday, July 23, 2012


From Occupy Kensington:
Tuesday July 24 is a national day of action for worker's rights and a decent minimum wage. In New York there will be a demonstration in Union Square starting at 4pm.

At the end of the demonstration some of the protesters will travel by bus to locations across the city where workers are engaged in struggles for decent wages.

Golden Farm will be one of the locations. The workers there voted to join a union back in March but their votes have still not been certified because the owner, Sonny Kim, has used every legal delaying tactic known to man. Every allegation he has made has been found baseless by the judges but each time he appeals and stretches the case out longer.

Likewise his lawyers reached a tentative agreement with the workers suing for back wages two months ago but no paperwork has been done. While Sonny draws out the process one worker has died of cancer leaving his family penniless and others face substantial hardships.

Join us at Golden Farm at 7pm Tuesday to protest for a decent minimum wage, paid sick days, and union recognition for the Golden Farm workers.