Friday, March 16, 2012


Kensington Felony Crime Report
Monday March 5 to Sunday March 11, 2012

All information comes courtesy of the NYPD 66 precinct. Unless it says otherwise, no arrests have yet been made.

In Sector G: from Beverley Rd to Av F; 37th St to Coney Island Ave

Wed. March 7     Burglary @ E 4th St & Ave C A man, 51, told police he found his dining room window open when he came home and property missing.

Thur. March 8     Grand Larceny @ Ditmas Ave & Cortelyou Rd [The location provided to us is incorrect; Ditmas and Cortelyou run parallel to each other.]
Another thief damaged the passenger-side window of this 27-yr-old man’s parked car and took his property. With luck, the nearby cameras caught the action on tape.

Fri. March 9     Robbery @ Ocean Pkwy & Cortelyou Rd
As he walked south on the Ocean Parkway service road, muggers grabbed a man, 70, from behind, held his arms behind his back, and emptied out his pockets. The perps fled west.

Sat. March 10     Burglary @ Dahill Rd & Church Ave
A woman, 28, told police someone got into her apartment through the bathroom window and took things from her bedroom. She thought the thief fled out the bedroom window, which she found unlocked.

In Sector K:  from Caton Ave to Beverley Rd; 37 St to Coney Island Ave

Sat. March 10     Grand Larceny  @ Albermarle Rd & McDonald Ave
A man riding by on a bike grabbed property out of the hand of a 39-yr old woman as she walked to the grocery store. Cameras on scene.