Sunday, March 11, 2012


Kensington Weekly Felony Crime Report
Monday Feb 27 to Sunday March 4, 2012
All information courtesy of the NYPD 66 Precinct

In Sector G: from Beverley Rd to Av F; from 37th St to Coney Island Av
Mon Feb 27     Burglary @ Ocean Pkwy & Beverley Rd
At its return from a trip to New Hampshire to bury a relative, a family found its apartment door and windows open. Gone were money and gold belonging to the 71-yr.-old woman who lived here. The neighbors heard nothing; the police found nothing; and there were no cameras in the building to witness event.

Thurs March 1     Burglary @ Ave C & E 3rd St
A young woman, 21, was burglarized when thieves entered her home through a side window, then left by rear door with some of her property.

Thurs March 1     Burglary @ Ave C & Ocean Parkwy
Although he left his kitchen window open, the screen was still down, the man, 34, said. He found no signs of forcible entry. Nonetheless, someone had entered his apartment and took his property.

In Sector K: from Caton Av to Beverley Rd; from 37 St to Coney Island Av
Fri March 2     Grand Larceny @ Clara St & Dahill Rd
A 55-yr old man walked into the 66 Precinct to report his Bank of America credit card account had been charged for merchandise purchased at an Apple store. The Bank’s fraud department told him someone had opened an online account Feb 13, 2012, and requested a duplicate copy of his credit card, which the Bank sent FedEx Express to "the address." (Not clear from PIMS description whose address that was.)