Friday, March 11, 2011


This year, Passover begins at sundown on Monday, April 18th, and ends at sundown on Tuesday, April 26th.

Gamliel Kronemer explains that
At one time the two-word phrase “kosher wine” was synonymous with the sweet, sacramental wines that were found in Jewish homes everywhere. Then in the late 1970s, a handful of wineries in Israel, Europe and California started producing minute quantities of quality kosher table wines, and so began the kosher wine revolution.
The Jewish Week has compiled lists of the top kosher wines for the seder:
  • Top White Wines $18 and over
  • Top White Wines
  • Top Wines $50 & over
  • Top Red Wines
  • Top White Wines under $18
  • Top Israeli Wines
  • Top Red Wines under $25
  • Top Red Wines $25 and over