Saturday, May 20, 2017


If your State Senator is Simcha Felder, this petition is for you (

If you're not sure who your State Senator is, you can find out at

Senator Felder's district, District 17, includes Midwood, Flatbush, Borough Park, Kensington, Sunset Park, Madison, and Bensonhurst.

The petition asks Senator Felder to openly and transparently communicate with the people he represents--in person, in the senate district that they live in, on a regular basis. At these town hall meetings, residents would be able to talk directly with the senator about issues that affect their daily lives.

Senator Felder's voting record has made a number of his constituents unhappy with him. Although he is registered as a member of the Democratic Party, he has caucused with the Republicans and mostly voted with them, starting with his first election to the State Senate in 2012.

His vote can be the deciding vote in whether or not a Democrat-backed bill gets passed.

In the 2016 general election, Senator Felder ran on three party lines: Democratic, Republican, and Conservative. Two months ago, the Brooklyn Conservative Party awarded him with the Conservative Party's best rating; he's more conservative than every single Republican in the State Senate.

The petition asks him to hold regular meetings within his district, report on the work he's been doing, and allow constituents to talk and ask questions. 

It asks that recording be permitted so non-attendees could view the town hall at another time.  

And it asks that town halls take place every two months when the Senate is out of session and every month when the Senate is in session, for a total of nine meetings per year, starting in June 2017.