Monday, October 22, 2012


These recycling baskets aren't in Kensington.
Albemarle Neighborhood Association Meeting on Sanitation
Thursday, October 25th, 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

The public litter baskets
on street corners fill up and overflow too quickly; they're full again the day after they're emptied. People are putting their household garbage in these baskets; they should get ticketed. Businesses are putting their commercial garbage in them; they should get ticketed. The baskets need to be emptied more often. We need more of the litter baskets with the narrow openings that household and commercial garbage can't fit into. More baskets are needed near schools, libraries, and bus stops.

Those are some sanitation issues that residents might like to bring up at Thursday's meeting of the Albemarle Neighborhood Association. The Department of Sanitation will send a representative from its Community Affairs Office to that meeting. Ignazio Terranova will talk about the department's efforts to keep Kensington's sidewalks and streets clean, answer your questions, and listen to your complaints (and compliments).

Other issues the Sanitation Department deals with that you might have questions or comments about are snow removal, recycling, and street cleaning.

The meeting is free. All members of the Albemarle Neighborhood Association (ANA) and all non-members are invited to attend. Foodtown and the ANA will provide refreshments.

The ANA will meet in the 4th floor student lounge at University Place, the student housing building at 385 McDonald Avenue, between Church Avenue and Albemarle Road, across the street from Foodtown. The meeting room is wheelchair-accessible.