Sunday, October 7, 2012


A neighbor who was on the same bus reports:

Police have arrested the man who stuck a syringe in B68 bus driver
Mark Anthony Salandy's shoulder on September 24th. A bus dispatcher spotted the man boarding the B67 bus at Church Avenue in Kensington yesterday at about 12:30 p.m. 

A police sketch of the attacker had been published in several newspapers, but the dispatcher didn't have the sketch with him. Nonetheless, he thought he recognized the man as the attacker. The driver came across the police on his route and alerted them, as the dispatcher had told him to do.


The local daily newspapers provide additional details. The arrested man is Shelwyn Patt, age 53. The bus driver is Jose Rivera, age 39, who has been a driver for almost fourteen years.

Despite what the eyewitness above says, the newspapers are reporting that it was the driver who noticed the similarity between his passenger and the sketch of the attacker. In addition, the passenger was fidgeting and kept looking at the driver. The driver flagged down a patrol car. The police handcuffed the passenger and brought him to the 72nd Precinct, where he was identified in a lineup.