Sunday, September 9, 2012


"I just went by Church and McDonald after work and they're milling the road for new blacktop. There's a little more rail visible than usual, including a switch point, but it'll probably vanish under the blacktop."    --September 1, 2010

"Church Avenue has been reblacktopped and those rails won't be seen for a long time."    --October 2, 2010

Actually, the rails are being seen again after a short time. The paving job done less than two years ago isn't standing up well to the amount of daily traffic at the Church Avenue-McDonald Avenue intersection. So far, only a small piece of trolley track is visible. This is a good time to cover it and to also fill in potholes before they get bigger. We've seen how broken up the street can get there, making it even more dangerous to cross the heavily-used intersection.

Options for dealing with this problem: call 311. Fill out a 311 form online. Contact City Councilmember Brad Lander. Contact Community Board 12.

We called 311 and we e-mailed Councilmember Lander's office and attached photos. His district director, Catherine Zinnel, told us to encourage other people to call 311 too so the complaint is seen as a higher priority.