Wednesday, September 26, 2012


This beautiful dog named Dutch needs a new home. His family recently moved from upstate New York to a tiny apartment in Brooklyn. Dutch is constantly tethered inside the apartment. The father wants to get rid of him by next Thursday.

The man's teenage sons took Dutch outside the other day. They walked around with him and offered him to strangers on the street for free, hoping to find a home for him. They offered him to a neighbor, who can't take him in, and I learned about this fella from her.

If the boys can’t find someone to take Dutch in, their father will most likely turn him over to the Center for Animal Care and Control, which is a kill shelter. Or maybe he'll put Dutch out in the street. Nobody knows for sure, at this point.

Another neighbor has been devoting time to contacting local rescues and shelters, but they're full.

The neighbor who Dutch was offered to visited him and his family at home and took the photo. Dutch is a sweet, 4-year-old, red-nose pit bull. He's good with kids and with female dogs. He’s a little "choosy" with males, but that might be because he hasn't been neutered.
Our neighbor will pay for that. Dutch is up-to-date with shots. The family doesn’t know how he acts around cats.

If you can give Dutch a home or you know someone who can or might, please send us an e-mail at KARMABrooklyn @ Thank you.