Saturday, September 22, 2012


In an election conducted by the National Labor Relations Board in March, the majority of Golden Farm employees voted for Local 338 of the Retail, Wholesale Department Store Union, United Food and Commercial Workers (RWDSU/UFCW) to be their collective bargaining representative.

Their employer challenged the results, but six months later, the vote has finally been certified by the National Labor Relations Board:
"Golden Farm Brooklyn Inc. d/b/a Golden Farm Grocery  (29-RC-077022) Brooklyn, NY, September 20, 2012.  Having reviewed the record and no exceptions were filed, the Board adopted the Hearing Officer’s findings and recommendations, and found that a certification of representative should be issued.  Petitioner – Local 338, Retail Wholesale, and Department Store Union, United Food and Commercial Workers." -- from Summary of NLRB Decisions for Week of September 17-21, 2012
The union is now
"entitled to be recognized by the employer as the exclusive bargaining agent for the employees in the unit. Failure to bargain with the union at this point is an unfair labor practice." -- from Conduct Elections, on the  National Labor Relations Board website