Monday, September 17, 2012


F Line Route Map

Soon, you may overhear someone giving this subway instruction on a neighborhood street: "Get on the Manhattan-bound F. Take it to Broadway-Lafayette. In the station, transfer to the uptown 6." Will you be tempted to step in and say "That isn't right. You have to go outside to transfer and pay again"?

No, you won't be tempted to because you'll know the instruction is correct. You'll know that people no longer have to leave the station and pay an additional fare. You'll know that a free uptown transfer will be possible for the first time ever as of September 25th!

Since 1957, a free transfer has been possible between the downtown F and the downtown 6. And now, a "mere" 55 years later, it will be possible to transfer from the uptown B and D and F and M at Broadway-Lafayette to the uptown 6 at Bleecker Street. And from the downtown 6 too.

A new escalator and five elevators will add to the convenience and meet ADA requirements.