Saturday, April 8, 2017


With Kensington Stables in about $1 million in debt and in bankruptcy, "the city’s Economic Development Corporation is looking to purchase the property and hand it off to the Parks Department for operations," Brooklyn Paper reported yesterday.

After that, "the Parks Department plans on contracting out the stables’ operation following a bidding process."

In response to the public's desire for the stables to be kept open, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams tweeted yesterday that he "redirected $500K to @NYCEDC for the public preservation of #Kensington's @BklynPony." 

Kensington Stables declared bankruptcy after 100 years of operation. The Blankinship family has owned it for the past 24 years. The real estate listing for the property stated that it would be auctioned off on February 23rd, with a starting bid of $2,000,000, but owner and manager Walker Blankinship announced two days before the auction that it had been postponed.

On February 23rd, Windsor Terrace Patch wrote that
"multiple prospective bidders are interested in the property, including those looking to redevelop it into a mixed use residential property, a warehouse, and at least one who would maintain it as a stable."

Kensington Stables
51 Caton Place, at E. 8th Street
phone: (718) 972-4588
e-mail: info [at]