Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Donate your used baby carriers to a great cause!
Do you have a baby carrier you loved but aren’t sure what to do with now? Maybe one you never used that you would like to pass on to a good cause? Babywearing International of NYC is looking for carrier donations for its lending library!

Babywearing International is a non-profit, volunteer-run group that works to promote babywearing and babywearing education across the country. Meetings are free to attend and are always led by at least one trained volunteer babywearing educator.

The lending library is available to try at meetings, and paid members are allowed to check out one carrier to keep for a month. Membership is $30/year.
We are looking for any and all baby carriers (for wearing the baby on your body, not car seat carriers). Any carriers that we are unable to use or that are in excess of our needs will be donated to needy families. Please bring your clean carriers to
1007 Church Avenue
between E. 10th Street and Stratford Road

during the month of September to help out in our carrier drive! 

Please contact Nicole Bouchard Tejeiro at nikolrose @ with any questions.
You can learn more about Babywearing International of NYC at or join the online community at
                                                                               -- Nicole