Saturday, September 20, 2014


This week, the NYPD and the Department of Transportation will go into schools, churches, and senior centers in the 66th Precinct to educate the public about pedestrian and driver safety hazards on Ocean Parkway. They'll also hand out flyers by the F train's Church-McDonald station and along Ocean Parkway. 

The week after, enforcement of traffic rules will get serious in an attempt to reduce the number of pedestrian deaths and injuries.

The statement below refers to "the New York City limit of 30 MPH." The default speed limit in New York City is 30 miles per hour until early November; at that time, it will be reduced to 25.

From the 66th Precinct Community Council
(66precinctcc @
As part of Mayor DeBlasio’s Vision Zero program, the NYPD and Department of Transportation have a major 2 week initiative planned along Ocean Parkway in the confines of the 66th Precinct. This initiative will begin Monday, September 22nd and the first full week will focus on Pedestrian and Driver Safety Education.
As part of this we will be visiting schools, churches and senior centers throughout the Precinct as well as an aggressive flyer campaign near F/G Line train station located at Church Avenue and Mcdonald Avenue. Speed signs will be present along Ocean Parkway to advise drivers of their speed in relation to the New York City limit of 30 MPH.
Beginning Monday, September 29th, a full enforcement initiative will take place to set in place a long term effort to reduce pedestrian fatalities and injuries along the Ocean Parkway corridor.
We invite all our elected officials and community leaders to join us next week---we will have police officers, traffic enforcement agents, 66th Precinct Auxiliaries and Explorers working hand in hand with DOT "Street Team" representatives distributing flyers during both the evening and afternoon rush hours at key pedestrian points along Ocean Parkway.
We will have an NYPD Command Post at Church Avenue  and Ocean Parkway, and an NYPD Community Affairs tent at Church Ave and Avenue C.
If you wish to participate please let us know when you may be available--directly to me [(718) 851-5611 or ] or Community Affairs Sgt. Michael Andreano [(718) 851-5601] or Police Officer Michael Riomao [(718) 851-5620]. Thank you.
Deputy Inspector Michael Deddo
66th Precinct Commanding Officer