Monday, December 6, 2010


Let's visit the neighbors in their spacious accommodations at 31-43 Church Avenue and 45-49 Church Avenue, between Story Street and Chester Avenue.

Please be careful as you enter. The antique gate is a bit rusty.

The decor is non-traditional.

They must be doing well to have so many cars.

The garage next door is also attractively decorated.

The greenery makes them the envy of the neighborhood.
Here's more of that beautiful greenery.

Extra rooms for the relatives when they come to visit for a few days.

These properties are more than unattractive. They're unhealthy. They're a haven for four-legged creatures. They've been reported to 311 several times, but if you feel that you wouldn't want them on your street or across from your backyard, please help out by reporting them. Thank you.