Thursday, December 30, 2010


Statement from Councilmember Brad Lander on the Storm Response in Kensington
I know many of you are frustrated with the inadequate response to the storm in Kensington.  We have communicated the following information to OEM, DSNY and the Mayor's Office:
While the plows have allegedly "hit" all streets according to the Mayor, most of the neighborhood of Kensington is inadequately plowed.  This is unacceptable!
Kensington must be addressed this afternoon.
My staff spent the morning walking around the neighborhood and most streets, including major E-W streets still have 3 inches of packed, uneven snow on them!  Pictures of Ditmas Ave, Ave C and E 8th street are attached as an example.
Streets that need attention are:
***the major E-W streets of the neighborhood, most notably
->Ave C
->Ave F
We have repeatedly pointed out to DSNY and OEM that these streets needed attention throughout the cleanup and they have not been addressed.
***All N-S streets that are parallel to McDonald and Coney Island Ave (except Ocean parkway), which includes:
-> E9, E8, E7, E6, E5, E4, & E3 (all from Caton to Ave F)
-> The one block of E2 (between Cortelyou & Ave C) that the vehicle described below is stuck at.
Abandoned vehicles that need to be removed are at the following locations:
National Grid truck on Ave C @ E 8th street
Grayish minivan at Ditmas & E 8th street
Green jeep van on E 2nd Street between Cortelyou and Ave C
Please keep my office informed about what progress has been made.

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