Tuesday, December 14, 2010


The 66th Precinct informs us that these four felonies in Kensington were reported to them during the week of December 6th through December 12th:

Grand Larceny: On December 3rd, in front of 810 Ditmas Avenue, between E. 8th and E. 9th streets, an unknown person broke into a vehicle and removed electronics and clothing. The locks and sunroof of the vehicle were damaged. No arrest was made.

Grand Larceny:  No date given. At the corner of Beverley Road and Coney Island Avenue, an unknown person told a woman that if she withdrew $4,000 from her account, the woman would receive $100,000. The perpetrator took the money and didn't return. No arrest was made.

Burglary: No date given. At 717 E. 4th Street, between Ditmas Avenue and Avenue F, an unknown person broke into an apartment through a bathroom window and removed electronics. No arrest was made.

Burglary: No date given. At 601 Ocean Parkway, between Ditmas Avenue and Cristoforo Colombo Boulevard, an unknown person entered an apartment through the front door and removed a laptop. The victim thought that the burglar might be someone working in the building. No arrest was made.
Call 911 when there is an emergency:
  • a life is in danger,
  • someone has been seriously injured,
  • someone is experiencing a serious medical condition,
  • a crime is in progress, and
  • any other situation that needs immediate attention.
You can call 911 anonymously, or you can tell the operator to keep your personal information confidential.

Call 311 to report a non-emergency (quality of life complaints).

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