Wednesday, April 1, 2015


A group of parents of P.S. 130 students have decided to opt their children out of this month's Common Core-aligned high stakes testing. They sent this letter to P.S. 130 parents today.

Dear PS130 Community,

As parents, we have decided to Opt Out of the upcoming 3rd Grade New York State Assessments in English Language Arts and Mathematics this spring on behalf of our children.

We are refusing the tests, as they are currently not meaningful or appropriate measures of students' progress.

We are also refusing the tests in support of our school. We do not support the move to use our children's test scores against the excellent teachers and school administration here at PS 130.

We are not against testing in general, we are against these tests. We do not believe they are a useful way to assess learning or teaching.

As per the NYC DOE, we have requested that the school provide an alternative activity for our children during regular testing sessions. If you and your child are considering opting out and you'd like more information, please contact us or take a look at the Change The Stakes website:

Also, there will be an informational meeting for parents from PS130 and PS230 on Friday April 3rd at 7pm, 23 Minna Street, 2nd floor. Janine Sopp, a District 15 parent who opted her child out for the last 3 years will be there to answer questions about her experiences.

If you plan to Opt Out, please submit your formal letter of refusal to Principal Nunziata as soon as possible. A sample letter can be found on the Change The Stakes website:

Thank you.

Best wishes,
Eleanor Rogers
(and other PS 130 parents)
Contact for PS 130 parents: Eleanor Rogers, rodgers_eleanor @, (347) 403-3798
Contact for PS 230 parents: Tim Dubnau, (609) 658-0033