Monday, July 28, 2014


A proposal for P.S. 130....
Thanks for helping us spread the word about our new petition!

As you know, a new school (K437) will open on Caton Ave. in September 2015 just a couple of blocks from PS 130. There is a petition (written by PS 130 parents) in support of using the elementary portion of the new building to create a split site for PS 130 (upper school in the new building, lower school in the older PS 130 building).

Part of the new K437 building is already set aside for much-needed middle school seats and District 75 seats--our proposal will have no effect on that plan.

We believe that this split-siting model (which has worked well for our neighbor, PS 230), along with sensible rezoning, will
1) help relieve overcrowding at BOTH PS 154 and 130 (each is over capacity--154 at 137%, 130 at 138%);
2) preserve PS 130's racially, ethnically, linguistically, and socioeconomically diverse student body (PS 130 is currently the most diverse school in School District 15); and
3) make immediate use of the new facilities at K437 rather than slowly phasing in one grade level at a time (as would be done with a brand-new elementary school). 
You can read the petition and sign on if you're in agreement. ALL neighborhood residents over the age of 18 are eligible to sign! 

Petition to "Support PS 130 Upper and Lower School"
Meema (parent of a rising 2nd grader at PS 130)