Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Ryan Lynch, after meeting with Key Food representatives, has updated the community on the progress of the construction work at 589 Prospect Avenue (between 10th and 11th avenues). Ryan writes
  • Opening is now scheduled for Spring 2014. There was some serious sewage work that needed to be completed and has delayed all aspects of the project. Key Food expects to get the keys to their building in January. They have purchased all their equipment and have said they will fast track the opening;
  • The Key Food is likely to be around 500 sq. feet larger than anticipated which will allow for a sushi bar and wok station;
  • Prices at the Key Food are expected to about 6-7% cheaper than the previous store.
Prior to this report, the projected opening date was December 2013.

A blog post in February of this year (Walgreens/Key Food, Rendering of Their Future Home) stated the then-anticipated sizes of the two stores:
The building above will be home to both Walgreens and Key Food. Walgreens will occupy about two-thirds of the building and the supermarket about one-third. Walgreens plans to build an 800 square foot glass and plastic extension to accommodate Key Food.

Walgreens, Ryan adds, may be able to open a slight bit earlier than Key Food.

Keep hanging in, WT folks.