Monday, August 5, 2013


UPDATE: Good news! We've been told that the police apprehended the dog owner this morning. He's been positively identified by a dog owner whose dog had been stabbed with the ice pick.

If you have a dog who goes into Prospect Park, or if you know anyone whose dog does, please read this article in Prospect Heights Patch and spread the information. What is written in the Patch has been vouched for by dog owners on the KWTneighbors listserv and the Kensington Facebook page. The article says
"after his dog attacks another, the man himself joins in in attacking the victimized dog. He beats them with his cane, stabs them with his ice pick, and restrains them so his dog can inflict maximum damage while the others can't defend themselves."
The dog's owner is a male, black, in his 30s, stocky build, and 5'8" to 5'10". The dog is a brown, large, unaltered, male pit bull. The flyer in the Patch has more details.

If you've ever witnessed this man and his dog harming another dog or person, call the 78th Precinct at (718) 636-6411 or the Parks Enforcement Patrol at (718) 437-1350. The more witnesses and the more information the better.