Monday, April 29, 2013


Wednesday, May 15th, 7:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

"RESCUE! BROOKLYN," a documentary about Sean Casey Animal Rescue (SCAR), will have its world premiere at the opening night of the 3rd Annual Art of Brooklyn Film Festival at St. Francis College on Remsen Street.

The cost per ticket is $10 plus a $1.54 fee. Buy tickets online; use promotional code RESCUE to get a $2 discount on each ticket.

Director Charlie Spickler describes the documentary:
"RESCUE! BROOKLYN is a documentary film about Sean Casey Animal Rescue, a small rescue shelter and adoption center in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn NY. It is a very special place and an integral animal rescue resource in the NYC area.

Sean's "community first" approach toward how he runs his shelter and how he interacts within the neighborhoods of Brooklyn and the New York City area are what make SCAR not only unique, but also the success that it is. Success is measured by impact and not dollars, and SCAR is very successful. While Sean is well known in the New York area, what he is doing should be the model for No Kill shelters all over the country. Director Charlie Spickler hopes this documentary will inspire others to take up the fight and do what Sean is doing in their own communities. 

RESCUE! BROOKLYN also tells the story of John the dog, a stray puppy who was found in a parking lot, emaciated and unable to move. Sean wasn’t sure that John would even live through the night, but somehow he survived. His slow, steady journey of recovery became a global Facebook phenomenon, with animal lovers from all over the world donating to John’s medical expenses and drawing inspiration from his story."
Donations and support from admirers of Sean Casey Animal Rescue made the creation of this film possible.