Friday, August 10, 2012


Leiby Kletzky's murderer entered a guilty plea yesterday in State Supreme Court in Brooklyn to charges of second-degree murder and kidnapping. The murderer of eight-year-old Leiby had originally pleaded not guilty.

The guilty plea guarantees that the murderer will be imprisoned for forty years to life: twenty-five years to life for murder in the second degree and fifteen years to life for kidnapping in the second degree. The sentences would be served consecutively. He will be formally sentenced on August 29th. 

The plea bargain was made at the request of Leiby's parents, who did not want to have to endure a court trial. A statement by Leiby's parents is published in full in Vos Iz Neias? and The Yeshiva World. It begins
Everything in the world is from G-d. Everything that happens is His will. We all have challenges, but G-d gives us the strength to overcome these challenges. My wife Esther, our children and I all understand that our role in this life is to do good and to continue on with even greater strength. We have made it until now only with G-d’s help — for that I thank G-d with all my heart.
A two-minute video of the judge questioning the murderer is at!.

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