Wednesday, August 23, 2017


What appears to be a City Marshal's abrupt closure of Kensington Fitness at 202 Caton Avenue has taken its paid-up members by surprise.

The landlord of 202 Caton Avenue, Caton Avenue Realty LLC, has legal possession of the premises as of Friday, August 18th, as the notice of Marshal's Legal Possession shows. Justin Grossman, the City Marshal who signed the notice, works in the Office of Eviction Services. 

Health clubs in New York are licensed by the New York Department of State. They're required to have a bond, letter of credit, or certificate of deposit that will be payable to any customer if the club goes out of business before the customer's contract for services expires or if the club doesn't provide a refund to the customer after cancelling the customer's contract.

Dan Campanelli, Chief of Staff for Assemblymember Robert Carroll, has contacted the office of New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. If you are affected by the closure, financially or in any other way, call Dan at (718) 788-7221. He will send you a complaint form to fill out.

Or fill out the Attorney General's Consumer Frauds Bureau Online Complaint Form first (, submit it online, and then call Dan to tell him that you've filled it out. He'll add your name to the list of complainants that he's maintaining.

If you paid by credit card, contact the card issuer to see if you can get a full or pro-rated credit.

Hat tip to Kiri.