Saturday, December 31, 2016


Deputy Inspector Kenneth Quick, 66th Pct.
Deputy Inspector Emmanuel Gonzalez, 72nd Pct.

Captain Kenneth Quick, Commanding Officer of the 66th Precinct since March 2015, and Captain Emmanuel Gonzalez, Commanding Officer of the 72nd Precinct since March 2016, were promoted to the rank of Deputy Inspector in a ceremony at 1 Police Plaza on December 21st.

The 66th Precinct serves Kensington, Borough Park, and part of Midwood. The 72nd serves Windsor Terrace and Sunset Park.

Prior to commanding the 66th Precinct, Deputy Inspector Quick served in the Patrol Boro Brooklyn South Specialized Units, which manages thirteen precincts, including the 66th. 

He was appointed to the New York City Police Department in July 1999. He began his career by patrolling the 70th Precinct. In February 2005, he was promoted to Sergeant. He rose to the rank of Lieutenant in December 2009 and to Captain in February 2012.

Captain Quick also served in the 72nd and 83rd precincts.

Deputy Inspector Gonzalez, prior to commanding the 72nd Precinct, was Executive Officer at the 66th Precinct. He was appointed to that position in March 2015.

Ten years ago, when he was a lieutenant, Captain Gonzalez was the commander of the first platoon in the 70th Precinct, covering Prospect Park South, Flatbush-Ditmas Park, and part of Midwood.