Friday, December 2, 2016


You residents of Kensington and Windsor Terrace have been so thoughtful, kind, and giving toward the families in The Kensington, the neighborhood's family homeless shelter, since it opened a year ago. As a result, the Coalition for the Homeless has given you its first-ever Compassionate Communities Award.

The Coalition writes, in part:
In the spirit of the season, and with a desire to lift up such examples of human kindness, the Coalition for the Homeless is announcing our first Compassionate Communities Award to be given to Catherine Barufaldi and Tracy Connor of Kensington/Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, for their “Give Me Shelter BK” campaign.

Congratulations and gratitude to the inaugural honorees of the Coalition for the Homeless Compassionate Communities Award! The Kensington/Windsor Terrace neighbors have demonstrated the very best our communities have to offer those in need with their kind, cordial support for the homeless families in their midst. May we all learn from their example and experience.

Catherine and Tracy accepted the award on behalf of Kensington and Windsor Terrace.

You can read the entire article that the above quotes are excerpted from at

Keep doing what you're doing because you're doing it right!