Wednesday, December 21, 2016


The long-awaited Facebook page for Community Board 12 has been created. Use it to share your questions, concerns, needs, problems, suggestions, and solutions with your board and your community (Kensington, Borough Park, and part of Midwood).

At last night's board meeting, the board said they might hold their January public meeting in Kensington. Here's an opportunity to use their new Facebook page to encourage them to meet in our neighborhood.

Every neighborhood in New York City is represented by an all-volunteer community board, which serves as the neighborhood's liaison to city agencies. Board members are appointed by the neighborhood's city councilperson and the borough president.

The goal of a community board is to help resolve issues involving pedestrian safety, traffic congestion, housing, land use and zoning, outdoor lighting, potholes, sanitation, libraries, crime, police presence, social services, rodents, trash collection, public litter baskets, street and sidewalk conditions, etc.

Community Board 12's committees are

  • Planning, Zoning Variances and City Map
  • Education, Library, Cultural Affairs
  • Sanitation & Environmental Protection
  • Fire, Safety & Police
  • Health & Social Services
  • Housing & Buildings
  • Legislation
  • Parks, Capital Projects & Site Selection
  • Transportation & Franchises
  • Youth & Community Development

The chairperson of Community Board 12 is Yidel Perlstein. The district manager is Barry Spitzer. 

Community Board 12
5910 13th Avenue
corner of 59th Street
Borough Park, Brooklyn
phone: (718) 851-0800
fax: (718) 851-4140
bk12 @

The general meetings of Community Board 12 are usually held on the fourth Tuesday of the month, from September through June, from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., at Amico Senior Center, 5901 13th Avenue, 3rd floor, at the corner of 59th Street, in Borough Park, Brooklyn.