Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Lola Montez

Trolley Tour of the Eminent Irish of Green-Wood
Saturday, March 14th, 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Tour the graves of notable Irish people who are buried in Green-Wood Cemetery. Their many accomplishments cover a variety of fields:

  • Copper magnate Marcus Daly (1843-1900), founded the Anaconda Copper Mining Company.
  • Founder of Higgins India Ink and American patriot Charles Higgins (1854-1929) purchased lots in Green-wood Cemetery for the statue of Minerva to be placed. The statue commemorates the Battle of Brooklyn.
  • One-armed Union Civil War general Thomas "Fighting Tom" Sweeney (1820-1892) fought for the Union in the Civil War and also led the Fenian invasion of Canada in 1866.
  • The widow and son of Irish patriot Wolfe Tone (1763-1798) are buried there. Tone was one of the leaders of the 1798 Irish Rebellion, an uprising against British rule in Ireland.
  • Dancer and actress Lola Montez (1821-1861, born Eliza Gilbert) was notorious for being the mistress of King Ludwig 1 of Bavaria.

Green-Wood trolley tours are fully accessible and ADA-compliant.

Ticket prices: $15 for members of Green-Wood or the Brooklyn Historical Society; $20 for non-members. Purchase tickets online here.

Green-wood Cemetery
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Brooklyn, NY

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