Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Community Board 7 Monthly Meeting
Wednesday, January 21st, 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Community Board 7's Vision Zero Task Force will report to the public at this month's board meeting. This report will be welcome, in light of the death of pedestrian Mohammad Naiem Uddin, continued collisions, and more near misses within the district's boundaries.

A heightened awareness of hazardous traffic conditions in the area has led concerned members of the community to form two grassroots groups, Windsor Terrace Safe Streets and KWT Safe Streets.

As you'll see on the proposed agenda below, residents who attend board meetings are given two opportunities for public comment. Don't be shy!

The proposed agenda:

1. The Pledge of Allegiance 
2. Opening of the meeting 
3. Adoption of the agenda 
4. Adoption of the Minutes of the Board Meeting on December 17, 2014 
5. Public Comment 
6. Committee Report: Vision Zero Task Force 
7. Acknowledgement of Elected Officials & Elected Officials Representatives 
8. Chairperson’s Report 
9. District Manager’s Report 
10. Old Business 
11. New Business 
12. Public Comment 
13. Adjournment

Meeting location:
Community Board 7 Board Room
4201 4th Avenue (entrance on 43rd Street)
Sunset Park, Brooklyn
phone: (718) 854-0003
fax: (718) 436-1142
e-mail: communityboard7 @


This post was originally published on this blog on January 9th.