Sunday, July 14, 2013


UPDATE: The meeting has been rescheduled for next Sunday, July 21st. The time and location remain the same.

Discussion on Solidarity Economies
Sunday, July 14th, 7:00 p.m.

From Occupy Kensington:
"Many practices fall under the umbrella of solidarity economy – local currencies, time banks, barter systems, co-ops, free stores, etc. Most of these initiatives are local, many strive to provide a community-strengthening alternative to mainstream economy, reducing reliance on money and narrowing economic inequality. Some activists hope to build and expand solidarity economies until they become a viable alternative to capitalism. Others doubt that change will come about this way.
Join Occupy Kensington for a presentation of some solidarity economy initiatives, followed by a discussion of their merits. Should we try some of these things in Kensington?
The discussion will be followed by an update on Golden Farm and other business.

Meet at the corner of Church Avenue and E. 5th Street. If there's rain tonight, the meeting will move to 309 E 5th Street, between Church Avenue and Albemarle Road."
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