Monday, July 29, 2013


Missing senior citizen Celso Heredia has been located. He's at home in Fort Pierce, Florida, in good condition.

Mr. Heredia was admitted to LICH on June 15th, when police found him walking in a traffic lane on the BQE. This past Thursday, July 25th, the hospital reported that he'd been missing since the previous day.

Fort Pierce police are trying to figure out how, without money or identification, the 81-year-old Mr. Heredia was able to get from Long Island College Hospital to Florida after allegedly walking out of the hospital on his own, with no record of an official discharge.

The blog "mcbrooklyn" laid out a timeline yesterday that has LICH administrators unsuccessfully trying to put Mr. Heredia first on a bus and then on a plane, and later escorting him out of the hospital through a high-security door--not wandering off on his own. His departure was captured on video.