Sunday, February 10, 2013


Penny has a problem: her legs can't do what her brain tells them to. With torn ligaments in both back legs and arthritis in both front legs, even though she's energetic and fun-loving and only two years old, it's difficult and painful for her to run, sit, go down steps, and move in all the ways that dogs love and need to.

Baileigh and Kye, the nice people who adopted Penny from Sean Casey Animal Rescue last May, want her to have a pain-free, happy, and active life. Two surgeries, one to repair each torn anterior cruciate ligament, will have a huge positive impact on Penny's ability to move and on her quality of life.

When you want to do something or buy something you can't afford, you either put it our of your mind or you try to find a way to pay for it--now or as soon as possible. The thing that's wanted here is a pain-free, active life for a beloved animal companion. Baileigh and Kye don't have the amount of money that's needed to pay for the expensive surgeries. That isn't something they can put out of their minds. They have to get Penny the relief she needs. They needed to think up a way to try to afford it.

What they've come up with is the campaign "Pennies for Penny's TTA Surgery." It's on indiegogo at They're offering interesting perks in exchange for financial contributions that will be put toward the cost of the surgeries.  The perks range from the whimsical to the artistic to the practical. Please go to Penny's page and figure out how much you can afford to contribute and which delightful perk you'd like in exchange.