Tuesday, January 31, 2012


"Geological discoveries in the fields of hard rock and glacial geology have been made during the past four decades of research, the result of continuous mapping and laboratory research on collected samples from New York City.
Indeed, access to surface and subsurface exposures has produced a treasure trove of geological information that alters our view of the Paleozoic tectonic development of this portion of the Appalachian mountain chain as well as the Pleistocene glacial history of New York City and vicinity. Holocene (post-glacial) alteration of the in-situ and transported glacial regolith has produced our modern soils.

Come see and hear the details of Dr. Merguerian's investigations and documentation of his new discoveries in the form of digital images, maps, and integrated video."
--Naomi Donabedian, Cantaloupe Alone

Tuesday, February 21st

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