Tuesday, January 24, 2012


An online petition to the owner of Golden Farm about his treatment of his workers says

The Kensington and Brooklyn community support workers from Golden Farm supermarket! 

Since it's opening in the late nineties the store hadn't paid minimum wage or overtime, that situation changed when workers filed a lawsuit on March 2011 to demand backwages and basic benefits like sick days, paid vacation and a contract that guarantees job security. The owner Mr. Sonny Kim refuses to pay what he owes and to sign a contract that will give all workers basic benefits and continued protection on the job.

Sonny Kim-- We are outraged by the fact that employees at your store have worked for many years earning well below the minimum wage. 

Furthermore, we are alarmed that your employees have been harassed and threatened for standing up for their fair wages and demanding benefits on the job. 

This is why we stand behind the workers and support their lawsuit for their backpay and campaign for a contract with benefits. 

We believe that all workers deserve a living wage and fair contract. Our communities support small local businesses that respect workers rights, as loyal customers we demand that your business set an example for fair labor standards.
The only information you need to provide is your first and last name, e-mail address, and zip code.