Thursday, July 7, 2011


It's interesting to follow an unfolding story and compare what different reporters write. In our first post about the shooting, we quoted this sentence from this morning's Daily News:
"Law enforcement sources say the officer shot the victim in the back and the leg after the man pulled a gun on him and opened fire."
That quote, however, is not in this afternoon's updated article, which instead says
"the officer fired and struck him in the thigh and side of his body."
Discrepancies also appear within articles. The Wall Street Journal article says
"An off-duty New York City police officer shot and wounded a man who allegedly had wrested away a gun from another off-duty officer and was shooting at him, authorities said."
But it also says
"The officer unholstered his gun but dropped it. Negron grabbed the gun and began to fire at the officer, who was running from the scene."
That Daily News article reports that
"Witness Eddy Vidal, 27, said he saw Lloyd try to pistol-whip Negron, but his gun fell to the ground in the struggle."
The Wall Street Journal doesn't mention the back story of the policeman flirting with another man's date, as reported in the other two newspapers. 
The New York Times' City Room says the officers' names hadn't been released--but they do appear in the other newspapers' articles (Jason Reynolds, 28, and Albert Lloyd, 37, who work in the anti-crime unit of the 70th Precinct).

So, it's best to compare and contrast!