Friday, February 4, 2011


The New York Post reports that
Despite clear streets and skies, UPS yesterday continued to blame "emergency conditions beyond [our] control" for failing to make deliveries to large swaths of the outer boroughs.

Those tracking their packages online bound for neighborhoods such as Greenpoint, Astoria, Kensington, and Windsor Terrace say that each day UPS claims its trucks went "out for delivery," and then blamed the weather for failing to make it to their door.
Drivers say that on many of the boroughs' icy streets, there's no room to double park so they have to skip them.
UPS says
The massive snow storm subjecting much of the U.S. to icy conditions and heavy winds continues to cause unavoidable service delays in some areas. UPS is committed to making every effort to provide service to all areas where conditions permit safe access. We are closely monitoring local areas to ensure service resumes as soon as conditions permit. Please continue to monitor and check your package tracking for the latest delivery status information.