Thursday, February 10, 2011


From The New York Times article "Busy Tonight? I Know a Nice Subway Ride..."
Throughout the New York City area there are a handful of banyas, traditional Eastern European bath houses, that can make for a hot date, literally, for those who know each other well. Larisa Fuchs, 32, the owner of a party-planning company, Gemini & Scorpio, favors Brooklyn Banya, in Kensington, where she has hosted events.

"I love their Jacuzzi, and their food is authentic and delicious,” she said. For $60 a couple gets day- or evening-long access to the sauna and steam rooms. Food, massages and salt body scrubs are extra." 
Brooklyn Banya
602 Coney Island Avenue, between Beverley Road and Avenue C
(718) 853-1300