Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Car and truck drivers on 11th Avenue in front of P.S. 154 need to slow down. They speed past the school, endangering children and adults.

The Department of Transportation has implemented quite a few of the traffic-calming requests made by residents. One much-needed street safety improvement in Windsor Terrace has been the addition of speed humps to side streets.

11th Avenue needs a speed hump too, along with other traffic-calming measures that will slow down speeding cars and big trucks coming from the Prospect Expressway.

The majority of P.S. 154's students and staff cross 11th Avenue twice a day on their way to and from the school. A crossing guard is there in the morning and again in the afternoon at pickup time. But frequently, the guard must step in front of moving vehicles to perform the job of getting children, their families, and school staff safely across the street.

During the hours that the guard is not on duty, students, their families, school staff, and the neighbors cross at an even greater risk to themselves.

The importance of smoothly-flowing traffic on city streets is understood. Still, the danger posed at the intersection requires an urgent remedy in the form of a speed hump and either a stop sign or traffic light to slow drivers down.

Please sign a petition on the Transportation Alternatives website requesting those traffic-calming measures. The petition will be delivered to our City Councilmember, Brad Lander.