Friday, May 17, 2013


Part of tomorrow's Brooklyn Half Marathon will be run in Kensington on Ocean Parkway. Cars won't be allowed to travel on Ocean Parkway, so they'll be traveling on our smaller avenues and side streets.

Brace yourselves for a five-block drive to take an hour and a half because of how congested the streets will be. Be alert if you're on foot or riding a bicycle: the drivers getting thrown off of Ocean Parkway aren't familiar with the streets they'll be driving on.

Runners will "enter Prospect Park at Prospect Park Circle," run in the park, and "leave the park via the main exit near Prospect Park Circle." They'll "continue to Park Circle, around the north quarter of the circle, take a right onto the Ocean Parkway/Fort Hamilton Parkway entrance ramp, and merge onto Ocean Parkway." They'll stay on Ocean Parkway until they get to Coney Island.

The marathon will begin at 7:00 a.m. on Washington Avenue. 25,000 runners are expected. The event is organized by the New York Road Runners.