Sunday, November 4, 2012


Governor Cuomo cautioned people not to hoard gas and not to drive more than they absolutely have to. As the situation now stands, the shortage of gas is going to last into next week.

AAA reports that only about 35% to 40% of the gas stations in New York City are operating. Some are out of gas. Some have gas but no power to pump it.

Websites that help track down gas stations that have gas: Fuel Shortage Tracker
  • On the map, from the drop-down menu, choose "Stations with Fuel." Click on the green symbols to find out the brands of gas sold. Then click on "View Details" for the stations' locations. User comments sometimes indicate how long the waiting time or the line is.
  • Click on "Search for Stations" to try to find a station with gas.
  • Click on "Report Station Information" to help others in your area by reporting if a station is open, closed, or out of fuel.
Two websites previously mentioned on this blog:
 ----Hess stations, listed by state. Boroughs listed within New York City (pages 5 and 6): Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn,Queens by neighborhood, and Staten Island. The chart shows how many gallons are available of regular, plus, premium, and diesel and the time that the information for each station was updated.

----New York Taxi Workers Alliance members' tweets about stations with gas, length of the waiting lines, and how long they've been waiting.