Tuesday, April 3, 2012


A few of the members
of the Kensington Plaza Stewardship Group

The tree pit in front of Walgreens is one 
of the places the group will keep clean. 

And this tree pit by the curb is another place.

When members of the community met with the New York City Sanitation and Transportation departments about creating a plaza on the extended sidewalk in front of Walgreens, almost two dozen people signed up for the Kensington Plaza Stewardship group. This group of neighborhood residents will help keep the plaza clean year-round by picking up litter and sweeping the sidewalk. Members will also help care for the trees. 

Bridget Elder and Cheryl Pearlman are the group's coordinators. If you'd like to be part of keeping the plaza clean, send an e-mail to Bridget at evergreen827 @ aol.com. The more volunteers there are, the less work each one will need to do. And when you finish, you can sit on a bench and relax (as soon as they're installed!).