Monday, January 7, 2019


Applications for membership on every community board in New York City are now open. February 15th is the deadline for applying.

Apply online here or download an application here, fill it out, and e-mail, fax, or mail it.

A community board serves as a liaison between residents and city agencies. It presents its constituents' complaints and suggestions to the city agencies that have authority over those issues.

Some issues that are of concern to residents are

  • pedestrian safety,
  • traffic congestion,
  • housing,
  • land use and zoning,
  • construction sites,
  • outdoor lighting,
  • potholes,
  • sanitation,
  • libraries,
  • crime,
  • police presence,
  • graffiti,
  • social services,
  • rodents,
  • trash collection,
  • public litter baskets, and
  • street and sidewalk conditions.

To become a member of a community board, you have to
  1. live in New York City,
  2. live, work, or have a professional or other significant interest in a neighborhood within the board’s district, and
  3. be at least sixteen years old.

Each community board has up to fifty volunteer members who are appointed by the Borough President. Half of those appointees are nominated by the City Councilmembers who represent the district covered by that community board.

An hour-long meeting of the full community board is held once a month,except during July and August. Meetings are open to the public.

Community Board 7 covers Windsor Terrace and Sunset Park. Website: 

Community Board 12 covers part of Kensington, Dahill, Borough Park, and part of Midwood.

Community Board 14 covers Flatbush, part of Midwood, and part of Kensington.