Tuesday, July 11, 2017


                                      -- posted on YouTube channel Hikind News

In the surveillance camera video above, a man is seen etching swastikas into recently-poured, still-wet cement. By the time he finished, he had carved more than two dozen of them into the new sidewalk.

Cement for a sidewalk had been poured this past Friday in front of the construction site at 242 Newkirk Avenue in Kensington, between Ocean Parkway and E. 8th Street.

The crime was committed soon after midnight on Saturday. The perpetrator, believed to be a teenager, held a small flashlight in his mouth as he spent thirty-five minutes slashing swastikas into the cement. He photographed what he had done.

On Monday, the building's owner, who is Jewish, saw the vandalism. The neighborhood is home to many Jews and several synagogues. The NYPD Hate Crime Task Force is investigating the crime.

A seven-story, forty-four unit residential apartment building is being constructed on the site.