Wednesday, December 23, 2015


An update on donating to The Kensington, the neighborhood's new family shelter, from Catherine Barufaldi and Tracy Connor, creators of givemeshelterbk @ neighborhood's conduit for donations to the families:
Thank you to everyone who donated diapers, baby clothes, etc. to the shelter during the dropoff times we designated on our email list. Donation times are ***NOW CLOSED*** (with the exception of people who registered to bring holiday gifts or food) until after the new year.

The shelter needs to identify storage space and come up with a system for handling donations, so will not be taking anything else for the moment. As more families move in over the next weeks, there will be a need for more stuff -- and you can get the details on what they need and dropoff times by sending an email to givemeshelterbk @ gmail.
The generosity from this community has been overwhelming and heart-warming. Please bear with the shelter staff as they get families settled into the facility -- and shower them with holiday love, thanks to the many donations they have already collected. THANK YOU! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!