Monday, November 24, 2014


The newly-forming Windsor Terrace Food Coop has reached--and exceeded--its target of 100 dues-paying members in a matter of just a few days. Way before the December 1st deadline arrived, 135 people joined. The new target is 175 members!

With the original goal of 100 members met, negotiations with the owner of the building at Caton and E. 8th Street can continue, and the coop will file incorporation papers today.

A meeting of all members will be scheduled soon. Most likely, meetings will continue to be held on Tuesday evenings at the Knights of Columbus Hall at 1511 10th Avenue, between Prospect Park Southwest and 16th Street, in Windsor Terrace. Information about the meeting will be posted here as soon as it is announced.

The Windsor Terrace Food Coop is run by and for the community. Congratulations to our neighbors on reaching and surpassing their goal.

To join the food coop, you can

1. join by mail by sending your membership application and a $100 check to

Windsor Terrace Food Coop, 147 Seeley Street, Brooklyn, NY 11218 and make the check payable to Windsor Terrace Food Coop,


2. join in person at Juice Box Wine Shop at 1289 Prospect Avenue and give them the completed membership application and a check,


3. join online on the food coop's website at and follow the instructions to become a member.