Wednesday, November 19, 2014


The Board of Directors of the Windsor Terrace Food Coop wants residents of Windsor Terrace, Kensington, and surrounding communities to know that after two years of organizing, it has begun negotiations on a potential site for the coop.

Board members are meeting with the owner of a space at Caton Avenue at E.8th Street, just west of Coney Island Avenue. On-street parking is available.

In order to continue negotiations and to finalize them, at least 100 people have to join the coop by December 1st. Join by filling out and submitting the membership application, along with $100 for the 2015 membership fee. These membership funds will permit the board to sign a lease, purchase equipment necessary for store operation, and undertake the modest renovations that are necessary to begin operations in early 2015.

The board has to receive these commitments by 6:00 p.m. on Monday,  December 1st. If that doesn't happen, the board will have to stop negotiations and return people's membership fee.

Founding Members of the coop will be entitled to shop at the coop. Only members will be permitted to shop there. They will have the right to participate in discussions and vote on decisions. And they will be required to share the work load with other coop members by working a few hours per month (e.g., two or three hours per month).

    As the shopper base expands and business necessitates it, the coop board and the members may vote to revise or refine the terms of membership.

    Initially, the board expects to offer fresh produce and some dry goods. They will want to increase the variety of products over time.

    If you want to become a food coop member, either

    ** send your membership application and a $100 check to
    Windsor Terrace Food Coop
    147 Seeley Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11218
    and make the check payable to Windsor Terrace Food Coop


    ** go to Juice Box Wine Shop at 1289 Prospect Avenue and give them the membership application and your check


    ** go to the food coop's website at and follow the instructions to pay online to become a member. 

    No checks will be cashed until 100 people sign up.

    Application for Membership
    Windsor Terrace Food Coop




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    Number and ages (under 21) of family members__________________________