Thursday, October 2, 2014


UPDATE: A DNAinfo article reports that Carvajal did not stab Laureano. It says that Carvajal lunged at Laureano, and police then began firing their weapons.


After Kataryzna Russo's ex-boyfriend stabbed her current boyfriend in her apartment, the police fired 18 bullets at the ex, one of which hit the current boyfriend, Rafael Laureano. Laureano died at Maimonides Hospital from the bullet wound, not from the stab wounds (as was previously reported in the media).

CBS reports that through an autopsy,
"the New York City Medical Examiner’s office determined that his [Rafael Laureano] death was actually caused by a perforating gunshot wound to the back."
Officers had fired multiple shots at the knife-wielding Francisco Carvajal as he and Laureano were engaged in a physical struggle; one of the bullets hit Laureano.

Laureano was a bodybuilder, as is Russo.