Wednesday, October 15, 2014


The Environment and Occupy Kensington
Sunday, October 19th, 8:00 p.m.

New York Environment Report's managing editor Sarah Crean will speak at this weekend's Occupy Kensington meeting, which is open to the community. Her focus will be on the role of state and city government in environmental issues ranging from fracking to global warming, what legislation is upcoming, what is being stalled, and what access regular New Yorkers can have to the process.

From New York Environment Report's website:
New York Environment Report is an independent non-profit news outlet examining the environmental challenges (and solutions) that are critical to the future of New York City and New York State. This includes climate change, food and local agriculture, water and air quality, energy sources, and waste management.

Our mission is to produce clear, objective stories that raise awareness and empower New Yorkers of all backgrounds to make meaningful and informed decisions.

We produce original investigative pieces, interviews, profiles, Q & As, and personal commentary, as well as aggregate and compile selected articles from other news and data sources.
In doing this, we hope to elevate environmental journalism to the level of coverage and accessibility found with topics like business, real estate, and sports, and become New York State’s most comprehensive environmental news resource.

The meeting will be held in a private house at 309 E. 5th Street, between Church Avenue and Albemarle Road.